In today’s busy and online world, your business’ social media platforms are one of your most important forms of improving brand awareness and generating leads. Social media allows you connect with your audience and advertise your company.

Although most startups have social media pages, many of them lack social media strategies. This game plan is just as important to create as the social media account itself! Without a strategy, your social media page is just another among thousands.

Complete Your Social Media Page Construction

Your first step is to create relevant social media accounts. It helps to have a list of your goals and objectives. Then you can select the social media platforms that will be most helpful for your organization and your time and efforts aren’t wasted. Make sure your social media page is completely filled out. Don’t frustrate your potential clients with missing information.

Develop A Distribution Plan Before Posting

As tempting as it is to begin posting right away, take some time to develop a strategy beforehand. Think about the target audience for your content, and ask yourself how frequently you’ll post and how you’ll promote your content. Once you’ve addressed these issues, you’re ready to begin posting content your audience will love!

Start Sharing Content

Make sure your content is consistent and relevant. Professionals recommend following the 80-20 rule. This dictates that 80 percent of your content is informative, and only 20 percent is promotional.

Share content about your company such as blog posts and infographics. You can also add photos of your staff and office culture so your audience feels more personally connected to your organization.

Interact With Your Audience

Posting content should only be part of your social media work. Interacting with your audience is another important strategy. If people engage with your brand in a positive way, take time to respond to them. Interact with your audience by asking questions, hosting contests, or sharing their posts or content.

Another good way to interact with your audience is to go live. Starting a live video is cost-effective and a great way for your audience to feel more connected to your brand. If you’re skeptical that going live is worth the cost– think again! A study showed that 80 percent of consumers would rather watch live video than read a blog.

Creating a strategy and interacting with your audiences are the most effective way to use social media for your startup!