Every business professional understands the importance of marketing in their company, but not everyone understands the importance of public relations. Other businesspeople believe that they are the same thing. While marketing is the process of promoting your goods and services to your customers with the intention of producing increased revenue; public relations is the process of building sustainable and open relationships with the company’s customers. PR focuses on championing good communication between the company and their patrons or employees.

While PR is an essential piece of the marketing puzzle, it is not always taken as seriously as it should be. While it does not always provide the same trackable data as advertising does, it still helps grow a loyal following for your business. The audience that effective PR grows is not just customers, that audience also includes local media and potential employees. By disseminating timely updates and messages about your company, you are providing your audience with relevant information that keeps them informed and interested.

A well thought out public relations strategy helps to develop and establish the credibility of your overall brand. This exposure is one reason it is so important to include PR in your business’ marketing strategy. Through carefully crafted thought leadership articles, attracting relevant influencers and networking with other business professionals – you can develop trust between your business and the community around it as well as with your customers.

While you should not think of public relations of as your only marketing strategy or as advertising, it does have the potential to help your business increase their overall profits. Since PR enables you to build a better overall reputation for your business, it has the potential to make you more attractive to potential customers. From there, those customers are more likely to turn into sales, and those sales equal increased revenue. By establishing that credible relationship with your customer, you are enforcing their decision to frequent your business.

Finally, public relations increases the overall visibility of your company. In this digital era, where a simple search can make or break you, it is crucial to be discoverable. A strong PR campaign can help you build a healthy online reputation through consistent social media use and press releases. Social media is the 21st century’s most influential PR tool, as it allows you to track the dissemination of your information and it will enable you to reach a massive audience.

Public relations should be considered a crucial piece of your marketing strategy and implemented consistently. Not only will it help you attract more customers, but it will also help you keep those customers due to an honest and open relationship they will have with your business. It makes your brand more visible and can directly impact your profits. PR is important, and you should make it a priority!