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communication professional|20+ years of experience in journalism


“Pick something and be passionate about it.” If you’re around Alcides Segui for any length of time, you just may hear these words from him. It’s evident to anyone who talks to Alcides that he’s driven by a love for life.

He loves what he does. He loves helping people and loves the adventure of life.

This driven spirit has led Alcides to excel in everything from division 1 baseball to cracking stories wide open as a journalist. But one of the unique things about Alcides is that his success as a communication professional is primarily driven not by his desire to win but by his desire to bring people together. During his time as a journalist, Alcides loved reporting on issues that were directly applicable to the community around him.

“I think the local news is often just as – if not more important – than the global news.” Alcides embodied this sentiment during his time as a reporter, and it’s something he’s carrying over into his career as a PR/Communication professional. Where others chased after stories for the sake of adding to the noise or joining the ranks as a pop-culture provocateur, Alcides was much more interested in sharing local stories directly impacting your community. As Alcides pivots from Journalism to PR/Communication, he’s still passionate about fostering a cohesive and efficient environment; the only difference is now it’s within the confines of a business instead of a small town or big city.

Alcides Segui is excited about the future of the PR/Communication industry as the integration of the digital age continues to bring more power into the hands of consumers and businesses. What once took teams of talented professionals to produce can now take place with a camera phone and a Twitter account. For better or worse, the future of communications is becoming increasingly tech-saturated. Alcides believes we must take advantage of that by creating positive content about a business, community, or culture so we can fight back the negativity permeating so much of our personal and professional spaces.

In addition to his professional career, Alcides is a dedicated, loving husband and a father of two wonderful boys. His family is a responsibility he views as both his greatest accomplishment and his most thrilling adventure.

Past Positions

WTVT-Fox 13

Morning Weekend Anchor/Reporter






Alcides Segui is a graduate of Florida A&M University with a B.S. in Journalism. During his time there, he played baseball all four years, and credits the competitive spirit he refined through his time in division 1 athletics as a conduit to his success as a driven and passionate journalist.

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